Slide Whether you are a foreign individual or entity, we have the company incorporation services for you. As a foreign individual or entity, you can register a Singapore company with 100% shareholding

If you are a foreign individual

You can register a Pte Ltd company with single or multiple shareholder structures. Many customers shared with us what motivated them to register their companies in Singapore:
  • You own 100% shares.
  • Shareholders are not personally liable for debts and losses of their company.
  • You enjoy attractive tax incentives scheme for new start-ups.
  • Most of the residents here are bilingual, you’ll have no issues coming to fruitful discussions.
  • You can reach out to East Asia markets easily as Singapore is an outstanding regional base.
  • Various immigration opportunities allow you to apply the Employment Pass.
  • Multi-currency and efficient banking system, so it’s easier to receive payment from your clients worldwide.
  • If you are a foreign company

    Singapore Branch Company

    A Singapore branch office is a registered legal entity which is treated as an extension of the foreign parent company.  It must have the same company name and business activity with the parents company. Its liability also extends to its parent company.

    Singapore Subsidiary Company (PTE. LTD.)

    A subsidiary company is a locally incorporated private limited company and the majority shareholder is another local or foreign company.

    In Singapore, companies can be fully foreign-owned, which allows foreign companies to incorporate a subsidiary company and own 100% of its shares. 

    A subsidiary company can operate under a different name, business activity, and its liability is limited to only the subsidiary company.

    Singapore Representative Office

    A representative office is a temporary setup which enables foreign companies to explore the market or manage company affairs in Singapore without conducting any profitable business activity.

    What is the cost of incorporation package for foreigners?

    We do everything for you, all in one, so you can focus on how to grow your business here.

    - SGD 4800 -

    What does the package include ?

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    1. Government Fees of S$315
    2. Company Constitution and other full set of incorporation documents
    3. Business Certificate contains all your company information (Bizfile)
    4. Share Certificate, Embossed Seal, Rubber Stamp, Incorporation Certificate
    5. Leather Portfolio with all your incorporation documents

    A real Singapore office address will be provided for you to:

    1. Store your mails physically in a secure place (for up to three years)
    2. Receive your mails, which we will then redirect to your address or we can digitise and send you a copy immediately upon receipt.

    Our Chartered Accountant will help you with:

    1. Directors’ Resolutions in writing pertaining to matters such as change of directors, bank accounts, registered office, interim dividend, loan facility etc.
    2. Annual General Meeting filing
    3. Submission of statutory returns with the Registry of Companies
    4. Updating of statutory records
    5. Monitoring the filing deadlines of the statutory returns with the Registry of Companies
    6. Attending to auditors
    7. General corporate secretarial consultation

    1. Nominee Director is a local individual who puts name on your business profile but does not take part in your business. He stays away from your business.
    2. According to Singapore's Companies Act: “Every Singapore company need to have at least 1 Singapore local director”.
    3. Nominee Director will help with the process of company incorporation, bank account opening and other business activity per client request.
    4. Nominee Director will also need to ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the Singapore Companies Act.

    Till the date, we maintain 100% bank account opening success rates for foreigners You get advices on the KYC form and provision of invoice and sales agreement template, so you can be assured the bank accounts open successfully. Our secretary and nominee director will sign required documents at bank branches on your behalf without any additional charges. If you can't fly into Singapore, we can assist you to open a bank account with RHB and Citibank remotely, everything can be done online. Saving your travel expenses.

    Additional things your may need:

    EP Application Service S$1500
    Renewal of Annual Nominee Director S$2800

    Who is my company secretary?

    Wendy possesses full ACCA qualification and is a certified public accountant in Singapore with more than 20 years of working experiences in finance, accounting and auditing. She has in-depth knowledge of company secretary, bookkeeping, auditing and budgeting procedures.


    “Acrabiz provides amazing services, It is unbelievable that I did everything online including sign the documents and open my company bank account, they even helped me register WeChat pay and Alipay QR code to allow my China customers make payments easier. It saved me a lot of time and travel costs. Great job!”

    Business Manager of Maison Apparel Pte Ltd


    How long will the incorporation process take?
    It usually takes up to one day to incorporate a local company upon receiving all necessary documents. In some circumstance, it may take 1-2 weeks longer if authority requires additional documents.
    Why do I need a nominee director?
    It is a requirement under the Singapore’s Companies Act that a private limited company must have at least one local resident director. He/She can be a Singapore citizen or PR.
    What does the nominee director do?
    A nominee director will not interfere with your business decisions and have no say in the operation meetings. In Singapore, a nominee director has the same obligations and responsibilities as those imposed on a regular director by the Companies Act and the common law.
    I am a foreigner, can I be a company director?
    As foreigner, you can be your company director, but you need at least one local nominee director, it is a requirement under the Singapore’s Companies Act that a private limited company must have at least one local resident director. He/She can be a Singapore citizen or PR.
    What is the minimum Paid up Capital and how much shall I put better?
    The minimum amount for Paid-up Capital is $1. A substantial Paid-up Capital means more liquidity and it is healthy for the business, so put in an actual amount that you could fund and commit to.
    Is it compulsory to open a corporate bank account?
    It is advisable to open a corporate bank account for your company as you may need to pay and receive payment once you start your business operation. Business transaction are to be kept and recorded separately from your personal accounts.
    What is a Singapore Representative Office?
    A Singapore Representative Office has no legal status and it is merely an extension of the foreign company. It must not conduct any business activities and should not generate any revenue, but acts as a cost centre to the parent company. It can only engage in activities such as conducting market researches and feasibility studies.
    What are the criteria to start a Representative Office?

    To start a Representative Office, the company must fulfil the following criteria:

    • More than USD 250,000 sales turnover
    • Must have been 3 years or more in its establishment of the foreign entity
    • Cannot have more than 5 staff
    Is it difficult for foreigner to open corporate account in Singapore?
    For foreign owned Singapore companies, the KYC process for corporate account opening is more complex than locals, banks normally require company owners to provide additional supporting documents or information to proof of business operation, these documents or information can be: business contracts secured or still under negotiation, personal cv, invoice/receipts, supplier and buyer particulars, current company bank statements in home country, etc. Our friendly staff will give you advice and guide to prepare these documents to make sure your account opened successfully.

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